What’s up guys!

Nice to see you here! I am Stoyo – a family man, huge hardcore fan and old school portrait visionary. I shoot portraits on location around the world with my portable studio. My choice of manual focus lenses contributes to the look and feel of my work. 

Portraits are important.

You could make (yes, make!) a photo of the moon, and a thousand years later someone can get that exact same shot. With people things are the opposite way - tomorrow you'll be older than today, you will look different, you will feel different and this is what portraiture’s about – capturing the here and now. 
If you like what I do, give me a shout. My photos are my vision of the world; I am not trying to be original or anything... I am just showing you my reality, and if you want to be a part of it, jump in. 

You can find me in London

I also travel all around the UK and Europe. My mobile number is +44 7533428642 and you can email me on studio (at) stoyo.uk. 

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